Tuesday, June 12

Feedity: Yahoo! Pipes for dummies

I was reading read/writeweb's list of Top 60 Australian web 2.0 apps (don't ask me why the magic number is 60, nor why some of them qualify) and was delighted to see that Bluepulse got a mention.

But in amongst all the likely contenders that I'm already familiar with was this one gem that I'd somehow never come across before - Feedity.

Simplest way to describe it is "Yahoo! Pipes for dummies" - a clever way of scraping data off a web page and presenting it in RSS format, from whence you could display it on your My Yahoo! homepage, for instance, or email it to yourself via Zookoda so you never miss an update.
clipped from www.feedity.com
Feedity - RSS Generator for Web Pages without Syndication, Convert any web page to an RSS document
Feedity is an RSS generator for web pages without a web syndication format. Feedity will
take virtually any web page, and convert it into a fully formed RSS document. The generated RSS is updated in near-real time.
Feedity has a proprietry data mining algorithm, which has been designed on the principles of self-learning agents. The native parser performs low-level content analysis, and it picks-up the most "prominent cluster" of hyperlinks. The renderer engine then automatically generates RSS for the source web page. Feedity also provides for a quick and simple way to build a data mashup "pipeline" using Yahoo Pipes.
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