Thursday, June 14

T-Shirt nirvana! All the internet's tees in one place!

If you know me (and if you don't thanks for stopping by) you'll know I love my tee shirts. Some witty, some tasteless, some holed, some on backwards or inside out, some spotted with dried food stains... Bury me in a tee shirt for that 'just like I remember him' look.

The best story is the time I shocked an applicant for a web producer job by forgetting that I was wearing my "All I want is peace in the Middle East... and a blow job" tee shirt all through the interview. She said nothing at the time, didn't even blush (there were others in the interview who will confirm this.)

But she called later and said she could never work for a company that would allow someone to wear a shirt like that. She sure seemed like a humourless square peg to me. In my team, you better be a round peg, with no sacred cows.

Anyway, the lovely Katrina is providing a focus for mad tee-shirt tragics like myself by bringing together sightings of all the coolest tee-shirts available for sale that she can find on the interweb.

The best news is: there's more than I could ever have imagined...

T-shirts Around the Internet

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