Thursday, June 21

Gollum: best possible use for iPrecious... yesss...

Yes, my iPrecious, I will have you sssssoon, even if you're locked to a US network and I have to persuade a friend in the USsss to use their credit card to sign up for a plan that I'll never get to use on my behalf. Even then, you shall be mine.

And what shall I do with you? What posssible iPurpose isss there that will justify the probable AUD1500 or so I will end up paying to carry you around in my threabare pocketsessss?

Why, the "best possible YouTube mobile experience by far," is what it is, my iPrecious. The best. iPossible. YouTube. Mobile. Experience.

Then I only need to wait until there's the best possible content on YouTube. And for a proper 3G stream. And a reasonable data tariff. But I can wait, my iPreciousss, yes, Gollum knows how to wait....

About 10,000 Youtube videos will be available for the iPhone's US launch, according to Apple's release. YouTube, a subsidiary of Google, will be recoding the rest of its videos into the H.264 format used by the iPhone within months.

The iPhone will be the first mobile phone to use H.264, Apple said.

"iPhone delivers the best YouTube mobile experience by far," Apple chief executive Steve Jobs said in the statement.

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