Tuesday, June 12

Serial killer commenting on blog post?

You really have to keep your audience in mind when blogging, never more so than when the topic of your blogging is a serial killer case and it appears that the murderer may be commenting on the blog.
Has WA’s Claremont serial killer been contributing to this blog while police continue their unsuccessful hunt for him?
“Whoever this blogger is, he has more than a passing interest in the subject and is teasing us with his knowledge of all three victims,” says Mr Napper.

Dr Phibes started contributing his detailed knowledge about the Claremont killings after we posted on the saga in October last year. In one comment he revealed how he had met one of the victims, Sarah McMahon, and claimed police had bugged his phone and flown a helicopter over his property with heat-seeking ground radar in the search for her body.

Dr Phibes has continued contributing to the blog, along with others for the past eight months. His most recent comment was just 10 days ago.

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