Friday, June 22

One day, your computer will be a big-ass table

When pigs fly it will be. I don't know about you, but I'd have to clear a mound of crap off any table in my house before I could see the screen, much less use it as a computer. I use my tables to put stuff on, whether it's books and magazines, coffee cups, brunch, my gym gear, my remote control, or very often, my feet. Why, sometimes you can even find my laptop sitting on my coffee table, so why would I want to remove my laptop so I could use Microsoft Surface?

And while I think I'd enjoy dragging stuff around the coffee table with flicks of my fingers, I know my neck and shoulders wouldn't enjoy it for long. Especially when I already have a perfectly good flatscreen already on the wall in front of me. I don't need to go stand in front of it and touch it either - I don't like fingerprints and I already have an input device for it that I've spent the last thirty years learning to use - my remote control.

So I'm with when it comes to Microsoft Surface - this is about as practical as an internet-connected fridge, and as likely to ship in this form as the data gloves Tom Cruise wore in Minority Report.
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