Saturday, March 11

2Web brings Aussie entre-blog-peurs together

Nik Cubrilovic's an action man, and when he realised there were a bunch of like-minded Aussies out there doing the same thing as him, he decided to do something about bringing them together. With Ben Barren he's pulled together 2Web - a group of Australian entrepreneurs and bloggers.

All 2Web has at the moment is a website and a logo, but the website's rather cool for pulling in the RSS feeds of the 2Web members. It makes for diverse and informative reading; there's a bunch of internet startup founders, some of whom would probably cringe to be described as 'Web 2.0,' but they have in common a lot of international Web 2.0 contacts, experience, inside news, and tech smarts.

Not sure why I got invited to join such a savvy group, but perhaps I can be the cautious, conservative one - I must be the oldest of the group by at least five years. Where's my walking stick?

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