Saturday, March 11

New Scientist - Long-distance lovers drink together via GPRS

Egghead scientists have proven once again that they have no idea about how real humans interact by publishing something proposing that we can all feel like we're drinking together by sipping from networked glasses. Fitted with WiFi or GPRS and coloured LEDs that indicate when the other party takes a sip from their glass, this is meant to add the social juice we get from drinking together.

Yuhuh, right. Hopefully there's one colour to indicate when I sip, and other colours to indicate the following states:

  • Took a gulp instead of a sip

  • What do you mean, only two bars of signal? Lousy WiFi glass, I need to drain it - I think the wine is interfering somehow

  • You still going on that one? I need a fill-up

  • Skoll! Skoll! Skoll! Skoll!

  • Shumbody's shpiked mah drink!

  • Crash

  • zzzzzzzzz...

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