Wednesday, March 29

As Ben Harper sings, cryin' won't help me now :-(

Ben Harper, iTunes ripoff!
Originally uploaded by bigyahu.
Delicate Genius complains that an offline copy of Ben Harper's "The Will To Live" includes evil DRM to prevent him copying it - how un-Ben Harper is that?

Not nearly as un-Ben Harper as this unpleasant discovery when I bought "Both Sides Of The Gun" from iTunes Australia.

I just pressed the "buy album" button as I usually do, expecting to be billed about $17 and not really looking at the total.

Imagine my horror when the email invoice showed I'd been charged nearly 18 bucks additional for the "digital booklet" included in the download - which turns out to be the CD cover art and lyrics from the physical CD if I was interested in them.

Way not to relate to your indie-lovin' fans, Mr Harper! Ahm takin' the Mr from out in front of yo name!

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