Thursday, March 16

I miss my corporate job when... 15" powerbook starts crashing badly and frequently, it takes two days to get it back from the service centre, and life and work stops until it comes back!

Actually, thank God I'm a Mac user - fast user switching, iSync and dotmac kept me running at 10%. I was able to borrow some time on my wife's powerbook (fast user switching on OS X really does make it quick and simple for two users to share a Mac) and I'd been backing up all my bookmarks, email accounts, website passwords, addressbook and iCal data on dotmac for the past year or so. Once I had a user account on my wife's Mac, I was able to iSync that with my info on dotmac, and with the exception of 3-4 duplicated emails and 1-2 duplicated iCal events, I was able to copy everything smoothly onto my wife's Mac.

If only she hadn't needed to use her Mac all the time! That's why you haven't seen much blogging from me the last couple of days.

Sure enough, the service centre techs shrug their shoulders and say my Mac ran perfectly for 48 hours while it was there. They jiggled a few SIMMs in case a loose memory chip might have been causing it. I'm still seeing some instability and the occasional crash, so I'm going to do an archive-and-reinstall of OS X tonight.

Anyway, I miss my corporate job when I don't have inhouse tech support anymore, but having a Mac makes it much less of a problem. And if I had to choose between a corporate job or a Mac, I'd take a Mac any day.

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