Tuesday, March 28

What is a fad?

The Calacanis answers the question beautifully when he says, "fads are what we call revolutions before we know what they are." Unfortunately, it's probably true to say that "revolutionary" is what a spinner calls a fad before we know what it is.

If that's too obscure for you, try this: don't waste time trying to establish whether a new web service is going to be a fad or a revolution - the only time to know for sure is after it's too late to act.

The only way to make the call in time to maximise your opportunity is to trust your gut. Those of us with untrustworthy guts will learn the hard way and steer clear of further gut-trusting.

Those of us who're lucky to have a rock-solid gut on these things should act as soon as the gut begins to rumble. Every hour you spend trying to convince the cynics is an hour you could be spending on finding new customers.


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